The Gondola: How it came about

white ski lift

Gondolas first made their way into the Alps in 1968.

You may be surprised to learn that gondolas were first introduced in the Alps in 1968. The Swiss resort town of St. Moritz had been looking for an alternative mode of transportation for skiers and snowboarders, since they had run out of room on the mountain itself. So they decided to build a cable car system that carried people uphill, then returned them down again – all at a speed of over 40km/h!

Gondolas soon made their way into other European mountains as well (including Zermatt), but it wasn’t until 1988 that one was used in an Olympic Games: Albertville, France hosted the Winter Olympics that year, and athletes from around the world were able to ride up and down from their Olympic village via gondola!

Gondolas are a very efficient way to transport skiers up and down the mountain.

The gondola is powered by a cable, which is sometimes referred to as a ropeway or aerial tramway. It runs along two parallel steel wires that are suspended from towers at opposite ends of its route. These towers can be fixed or moveable and may also contain motors for climbing steep slopes. There are several different types of gondolas: double decker, triple decker, single passenger cabin and multiple passenger cabins.

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