Forward: A New Centrist Political Party

As America becomes increasingly polarized, we are faced with a choice: Do we retreat into our ideological corners and never talk to each other, or do we come together and find common ground? The Forward Party was created with the belief that it is time for a new center in American politics. Forward believes that our nation will be best served by people who have the ability to listen and work together. They aren’t driven by ideology; instead, they are guided by logic and reason as we seek out solutions to our country’s problems. They want all Americans to live up to their potential—and when Americans work together toward shared goals, anything is possible!

The world has become increasingly polarized.

We live in a world that has become increasingly polarized. This is a problem because it prevents political compromise, which is necessary for effective governance.

Polarization has been increasing for several decades now, and it’s likely to get worse before it gets better. The rise of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter has allowed people to engage more easily with their peers about issues of national concern than ever before; although this can be beneficial to social cohesion as a whole (e.g., by allowing us all to share photos from our vacations), it also means that we’re exposed more often than ever before when there are disagreements between us on these issues. This exposure tends toward greater polarization rather than less because most people tend not to moderate their views when they see others expressing theirs so vehemently online—in fact, sometimes they’ll even adopt those views themselves due to confirmation bias!

The same trend can be observed outside of digital spaces: political extremism seems increasingly common among both conservatives and liberals alike, leading each side not only towards greater polarization but also towards greater vitriol when engaging with one another or even just talking about politics at home or work (this last point may seem unrelated but actually isn’t since people tend not want socialize with those who hold different opinions).

The Forward Party was created to bring people together.

It is a new political party that is centrist, bipartisan, and not ideological. The Forward Party wants to form government by the people and for the people with an emphasis on finding common ground between all citizens. The founders of this party consist of former republicans and democrats. The man leading the headlines is Andrew Yang, presidential and New York mayoral candidate. 

The forward party believes in working together with other parties to create a better future for our country through dialogue and negotiation rather than conflict and partisanship.

We have a clear, common idea of what we want.

The Forward Party represents a new kind of politics, one that is open, inclusive, and forward-thinking. They have a clear vision for the future: we want to build a stronger, more inclusive country where every American can thrive.

The Forward Party envisions a world in which our environment is protected from climate change and pollution, where healthcare is affordable for everyone who needs it, and where we invest in our children so they can live full lives free from poverty.

The forward party's logo.
Forward Party Logo

Forward is guided by the best ideas based on logic, not by ideology.

Their guiding principle is to make decisions based on fact, not on belief. Ideology is a way of viewing the world; they instead use data and research to determine what’s best for America and its people.

“How will we solve the big issues facing America? Not Left. Not Right. Forward.” – Reuters

Forward understands that no political platform works perfectly

As a centrist political party, Forward’s values will not be perfect and will not resonate with everyone, but they hope to reach the silent centrist majority of America. They are committed to constantly improving our solutions and listening to our constituents’ concerns. Their party has made mistakes in the past, but we will learn from them.

They believe in a brighter future for all Americans with the right team and right ideas.

Forward is a new centrist political party that believes in the power of the people, the idea and the team. They believe that there is a better America ahead for all Americans who are willing to work together. Every day families are struggling with rising costs of living, health care and student debt because of policies passed by politicians who only look out for their own interests. Their message is simple: “it’s time to take back our country from these corrupt politicians so we can create a brighter future for all Americans.”

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