What is a Modern Day Pirate?

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Modern Day Piracy

You might be wondering what a modern day pirate looks like. Well, they’re often young men from West Africa who use speedboats to attack small ships off the coast of Somalia, Nigeria and Ghana. These pirates are usually armed with guns and knives, but they do not wear fancy costumes or use wooden legs!

The pirates don’t always attack ships just to steal their cargo—sometimes they are hired by drug traffickers to help them transport illegal drugs across international waters so that the drugs can then be sold on the black market in Europe or North America (the United States). 

Three pirates driving up in a green motorboat to a cargo boat holding up a rifle.

Why Ships are Vulnerable

Commercial shipping is going on all over the world. Ships carry all kinds of cargo, such as electronics and clothes. Some ships even have special tanks called “reefers” where they can transport food products like meat and vegetables!

But here’s the thing: most ships are slow and unarmed—which means they’re easy targets for pirates! You see, while it may seem like they’re just out there doing their jobs or whatever (and maybe some do), most crews aren’t trained to protect themselves or their belongings from capture by bad guys who want to steal everything inside those boats. Plus if there isn’t any crew onboard then no one will notice when someone tries to break in!

That’s why having an alarm system set up on your boat could save lives… And yet so few people actually do this simple step before leaving port!

Maritime Piracy 

Maritime piracy is an act of robbery or criminal violence at sea. The term can include acts committed on the high seas (international waters), in inland waterways, and on coastal areas out of the jurisdiction of any country’s navy.

Piracy is one of the most dangerous criminal activities in which anyone can engage and has been around for a long time, but it hasn’t received much attention until recently when Somali pirates began attacking ships off their coast with increasing frequency during the 2000s.

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