The Giant Catfish That Eats Humans

If you’re in India and you ever see a fish that’s four feet long, it’s probably not an omen of good luck. It’s probably a Goonch catfish—and it will eat humans.

There’s a catfish in India so large it can eat people.

  • Goonch are a type of catfish that are native to India.
  • It is one of the largest species in the family, and its size makes it an elusive quarry for fishermen.
  • They can grow as large as 10 feet long!
Man in black jacket holding up the tail of a 10 foot long goonch catfish.
Abnormally Big Goonch

Some scientists think the Goonch has adapted to eat human flesh.

It’s been around for over a century and can grow to the size of an adult human, sometimes even larger. The Goonch has an unusually large mouth that opens wide enough to swallow a human whole, which it does frequently when it can get its hands on one.

The fish’s diet consists primarily of things like carrion, fruit trees and smaller animals like mice (which it will also occasionally eat). But they have been known to occasionally dine on humans as well—even in places where there aren’t any dead bodies lying around! This suggests that these fish have developed a taste for human flesh over time, making them dangerous predators who are hungry enough to eat anything they come across.

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